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Kids Get Fit for the Fun of It


FunFit is a fun and interactive multi-sports program for ages 1-9 and its main purpose is to help children develop physically, socially and cognitively. FunFit is structured to be age appropriate, encourages participation and focuses on progressive learning through what we call the 3 R’s; Refine, Rehearse and Repeat. We put an emphasis on the child’s individual needs and interests while engaging them in a variety of movement experiences, through play, drills and games.


At FunFit we teach children the fundamentals of gross motor-function, sport skills, healthy-living, sportsmanship and teamwork. However, the most important benefit we offer is that children gain confidence and self-esteem. Participants are progressively challenged as the program evolves, acquiring the skills necessary to become well-rounded athletes. This program will ensure that our little athletes will have the proper fundamental tools to play a variety of sports, gain confidence and maintain an active lifestyle.


Our Passion

Typical Class

At FunFit, most classes consist of the following core stages. Children progress based on ability, age and level of experience.



This teaches children the importance of warming-up and stretching before physical exercise.



This entails creative and unique activities and games that teach children proper walking, running, dodging, hopping, skipping, landing, balance, rotation, throwing and catching, striking with hands, striking with feet and implementing with equipment.



An emphasis on teaching children skill cues step-by-step in a variety of sports through targeted drills in soccer, basketball, baseball/t-ball, tennis, golf, volleyball, floor hockey, lacrosse and FunFitness (track & field and gymnastics skills).



This involves FunFit providing informative materials to our respective families, with both parents and children participating and working together in learning how to eat right and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Typical Class

Our Philosophy


FunFit's philosophy is that children need to develop their core motor-function fundamentals such as coordination, flexibility, balance, stamina, strength, speed, agility and accuracy in targeted activities and then apply these newfound talents to specific sports. To make sure children get the most out of the program, FunFit focuses on a continuum of repetition and development of these core skills. This approach to physical education ensures that the child has the proper tools to perform various athletic tasks as they mature.


We promote the idea that athletics, when taught correctly, can aide a child's development in a myriad of ways. From confidence building to social interaction, sports can greatly enhance the childhood experience. Encouraging kids to build physical activity into their daily routine helps to create a pattern that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Language Through Sports - 2Lingo (FunFit Hebrew)

At FunFit we believe that teaching languages through experiential education is an extremely powerful method. By introducing children to a language at an early age and having them associate it with sports, active play and positive experiences, it is proven that they will have better retention and positive assossations with that language.  Click here for to check out our 2lingo FunFit Hebrew programs.

Our Coaches
Our Story

Our Story

Danny and Robyn created FunFit with the help of professionals in the field of kinesiology, nutrition and early child development. Previous to this endeavor, Danny led experiential learning and after-school programs for many New York City based community centers and schools for over 6 years. Based on his experience, he saw an immediate need for a more comprehensive fundamental sports and confidence building program for kids. 

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Our Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Our Coaches

Not just anyone can be a FunFit coach! On the contrary we only hire staff that fit our strict requirements. All FunFit coaches are required to have a background in coaching, kinesiology or childhood development. We also require that each staff member be thoroughly screened (police screening for working with children). In addition, to these requirements all coaches must be First Aid and CPR certified.


Coaches teaching 2lingo and Adapted Programs get separate training respectively.

To ensure the highest quality of coaching possible coaches are monitored and supervised on a regular basis. In addition, each coach is rehearsed in the FunFit curriculum, methodology, philosophy, protocols and safety measures.

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