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Our Policies

*Payment: Fully completed and signed registration forms along with full payment (post-dated check, cash or online payment) are due prior to the first class. Your spot in class will not be held without these two requirements. Payment is accepted online via your credit card or if you wish you can drop by our convenient location to personally give us a check, or cash.


*Refunds: All session deposits are non-refundable. Each session deposit is equal to the cost of one class in that session.  Please give three weeks notice if you wish to change, or cancel your session. FunFit will try and accommodate all those who do not give at least three weeks notice by giving a credit for future use in the program, upon availability. Registration and/or processing fees will not be refunded.

*Summer/Holiday Camp Refunds: A $300 deposit is required for each week of camp. There is a $250 cancellation fee for all weekly camp programs and a $500 cancellation fee for full camp enrollment. For holiday camps, requests for refunds must be made at least one week prior to the camp start date. For summer camp, requests for refunds must be received in writing prior to June 1, 2023. There will be no refunds issued for requests made after these dates. There are no refunds or credits for being absent due to sickness, vacation, inclement weather, other programming, or any other reason including moving, unexpected circumstances, etc. For a full Summer refund policy, please visit our FunFit Summer Policy page.


*Make-ups: Make-ups can only be arranged with the office manager. You will only be able to attend a class that is at the same skill level and is not full. Make-ups are subjected to availability. Only one make-up per season is allowed with 48 hour notice. There are no refunds for classes missed. There are no make ups for Summer or Holiday Camp days.


*FunFit Food Policy: No food is allowed in the gym . All lunch and snacks that are brought to our program outside of the gym must be nut free. In addition, children should bring water and not juices or any other drink to class. Our alternative preschool program has a strict policy that children have a nutritional food without candy, sugary, salty or fatty foods. Please refer to our head office for health ideas.


*Cancellation of Class: FunFit reserves the right to cancel a class if the enrollment is too low for any particular session. In the unusual circumstance that this happens notice will be given 1 week ahead of time. Usually 6 children are needed to continue a class. If a class is canceled you will be refunded a full or pro-rated fee depending on if any classes were held.

*Sickness: FunFit reserves the right to send a sick or injured child home if a coach deems necessary. Please keep your child home if he/she is sick or injured, make-ups are available as per our policy.


Privacy Policy: We at FunFit only collect personal information to provide the best and most appropriate care for your child. All personal family information is processed and stored in a secure database with encrypted access controls or in a file cabinet on lock and key. We may use your information for company statistics to positively develop the program for the future. We do not sell or rent your family information to any person or organization. Information is only given to those directly involved in providing a service to your child, or as required by law. We may use personal information to communicate with you if we have new information that may be of interest to you.


*Use of Video Camera and Still Photography: FunFit asks all parents to refrain from using video cameras in the parent viewing area due to privacy issues, unless permission is granted. Parents are however permitted to use still cameras as long as they photograph their own child(ren). FunFit reserves the right to publish pictures of their space with children in it, for marketing purposes, unless otherwise notified by the guardian in writing. 

Please click here to read our COVID 19 policies.


By enrolling in our program I acknowledge the following: I have read and accept FunFit Kids LLC policies including the privacy policy. I hereby release FunFit Kids and their coaches, employees from all claims, demands, losses, actions, suits or proceedings rising out of the participation of the applicant named in any facility or at any location where a program is being held.

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