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Your little one deserves a special day! FunFit birthday parties are customized to your child's liking. First, select a date and time, then select a theme. Let us know if you want any of our deluxe add-ons or to keep it simple. Birthday parties are 90 minutes in duration, 55 minutes of play, 35 minutes of festivities.


Select an Age

Select a Date and Time

Please note, parties take place on Sundays only.

Number of Kids

Our base package includes 12 kids for $650. Each additional child is $30 per child.

(Any child 5+ months is considered a party guest). 

Select a Theme

Scroll down to view theme details.

Optional Add-Ons

Contact Information

Please enter your contact information and a dedicated party professional will be in touch.

Thank you for your party request. A FunFit party professional will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Party Packages



Children can pick from 7 sports (Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Tennis or Flag Football). FunFit Kids coaches will run some basic drills and children will then get to play a scrimmage game. The party culminates with a trophy celebration with bubbles, music, and dancing. So let’s party like we just won the world series!


Together as a team, children will rotate through real gymnastic disciplines in a rotation led by our expert coaches. We will tumble on the trampoline, balance on the beam, flip on the bar and learn how to roll, flip and cartwheel. The party cumulates with a medal ceremony fit for the Olympics with dancing. This theme is perfect for ages 4 and above.



As we use our imagination we build castles out of mats, balance across the moat on the beam, tame a dragon on the bars and ride hoarses in the enchanted forest and much more. Children will then go on a treasure hunt to find the treasure so they can bring it back to the Birthday child.



Blast off! Children will pretend to be brave astronauts as they join the FunFit Spaceship. As a team of space cadets children will get to save the world from an asteroid, fly through the stars, fix the spaceship and land safely back on earth. The party finishes off with a moonwalk dance party.


Children can pick from games with parachutes, obstacle courses, disco dodgeball and or creative tag games. We can play recess style games led by our expert coaches. If you have a special game you want to pick please let us know. The party cumulates with a dance celebration with bubbles, music and lots of grooving.


If your child loves Batman, Superman or Spiderman or any other superhero this theme is perfect for them. We will get to dress up and all the children will get to participate as superheroes. We will pretend to fly like Superman, run like flash, climb like Spiderman and save the world like Batman and have fun doing so. We finish with a Superhero dance off.


Indulge your kids obsession with Gaga! We blow up a special Gaga Arena for children on carpeted mats, big enough for an official game. Children can pick game styles such as every man for themselves or teams. If there are more kids then the arena can accommodate we rotate kids in. Our expert coaches guide as referees. Please note that there is a surcharge for this theme of $150 and is recommended for ages 5 and up. Now let’s get gaga over gaga!


Woohoo! You made it thorugh baby's first year, and that's cause for celebration! We understand that 1st birthday parties are just as much for adults as they are for the baby. For 1st birthday parties, we encourage parents to participate as much as possible. Party includes an engaging sing-a-along accompanied by bubbles and parachute games. We also set up extra tables and seating for family and friends!

Information to Consider

Cancelation Policy: A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the date and time of the party. There is a $100 rebooking fee to change dates and times. If cancelation happens less than 7 days prior to the party, there is no refund. We do try to accommodate birthday families as much as possible.

Any child over 5 months is considered a party guest unless held in a carrier or stroller for the entirety of the party.

Payment in full with the final headcount is required 5 days prior to the party date. We require a credit card to be kept on file to resolve any incidentals (ie. extra kids, additional catering, etc.)

Starting July 1, 2024, parties take place at 752 West End Avenue, NYC 10025.

Parents of children under 3 are required to stay at the party and provide active supervision. Parents of children over 3 are encouraged to drop off their child(ren). 

All party guests must sign a release form to be allowed into the gym area.

Birthday party hosts are invited to arrive 30 minutes before the start time to set up for the party with coaches. There is a 30 minute grace period between birthday parties. All hosts and guests must depart within this time or a fee will apply.

Parents must disclose allergies and medical conditions that may affect the child(ren) during the party.

We are not responsible for any lost items brought to the party.

No shoes or food are allowed in the gym area.

We allow wine and beer but no hard liquor. 

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