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Rookies (14-24 Months)

Rookies (14-24 Months)

Introduction with assistance (hand holding / manipulation of body) as they gradually learn on their own and achieve physical milestones. 


Key indicators 

Locomotive Skills (Agility, Flexibility, Stamina and Speed): walking and running on/over props and with sports equipment. Introduction to hopping, skipping and tumbling (not expected to do on their own). 


Stability Skills (Balance, Rotation and Landing): Introduction to balancing (static and dynamic) on gym props, rotation of body front / back roll with full assistance and crawling over, on top and through props. Basic understanding of how to land on feet after different types of rotation. 


Manipulative Skills (Eye Hand Coordination, Implementation of Equipment and Strength): Basic introduction to the different types of sports equipment and how to implement and how to properly hold. Learning with assistance how to strike with feet and hands 


Social Skills: An encouraging environment that motivates children to interact with coaches, new friends and separate slowly (not fully) from caregiver. 


Emotional Skills: Build a sense of confidence that will help them reach their next milestone.


Cognitive Skills: The acknowledgment of basic instruction, listening skills and becoming better at a specific skill after repetition. Learning different shapes, colors, gym vocabulary and body language.

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