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Prep for Littles

Prep for Littles

The Prep for Littles Alternative program is a 2 hour program that provides children, ages 2 through 4 years, with an opportunity to gain a sense of independence. Both caregiver and child gradually go through a separation process in a nurturing and stimulating environment. Activities are designed to build the necessary skills that encourage a smooth transition into preschool and/or kindergarten.  We offer a single day or two-day options on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All instruction has a 4 children to 1 coach / teacher ratio. The program is divided into two parts - sports in our gym and structured classroom time.

The sports portion of the program focuses on skill-development in soccer, basketball, softball/baseball, tennis, golf, volleyball, floor hockey, lacrosse and FunFitness (track & field and gymnastics skills). The program allows for the participants to gain full development according to their skill phase in each sport by means of correct repetition and practice. Children practice and refine their sports skills through specific drills, specialized FunFit activities, game scenarios and fun play. There is an emphasis on structured play, instruction and following directions. 

The classroom segment focuses on socialization, structured activities and preschool routines that have an emphasis on basic language development (letter recognition, colors, numbers) and other cognitive skills. Classroom time is usually centered on an art project, story or circle time, cooking, STEM and imagination play that builds fine motor skills.


Snack is included. 

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