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Open Sports Special Needs

Open Sports Special Needs

Everyone plays at FunFit. If your child needs extra assistance and/or your child needs a one on one during traditional programs let us know, we are here to help. We have partnered with Danny Yellin from First Kick Athletics to provide professional special needs instruction. First Kick Athletics comes to FunFit Kids with a decade of experience of working with students with special needs and learning disabilities.  


Our Open Sports program mission is to provide students with disabilities with high quality athletic and team sports experiences. The founders of First Kick Athletics believe that students with learning differences can thrive athletically in a nurturing environment. Our shared goals are to build confidence so your child will feel comfortable playing in the park, participating in ball games at recess and socializing with friends.


To ensure the quality and integrity of the program, classes typically are one on one although we can accommodate up to 3 kids per private session. Parents have a choice between private instruction and/or attending an existing class with a dedicated First Kick coach (inclusive class). 

First Kick Athletics is comprised of certified special education teachers, with a decade of experience working with learning disabled children both in the classroom and any sport settings. Both FunFit Kids and First Kick Athletics philosophy is underscored by a strict and unwavering commitment to safety of the students.

Please email to set up or join a class. 

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