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Major Leagues (4’s and 5’s)

Major Leagues (4’s and 5’s)

With greater independence children are expected to partake in class without a caregiver. There is more of a focus on challenging sports cues that combine more coordinated skills in a faster pace than previous age groups. The goal is to have Major Leagues excel in the sports they like and get them ready for team / competitive sports.  


Key indicators 

Locomotive Skills (Agility, Flexibility, Stamina and Speed): Learning the proper techniques and mechanics of running, dodging, hopping, skipping and tumbling and implementing it into fun-play, game scenarios and sports activities. 


Stability Skills (Balance, Rotation and Landing): Balancing, climbing and hanging  (static and dynamic) on gym props on their own, rotation of body front / back rolling and twisting with spotter but mostly on their own. Landing on feet after different types of rotation and balance activities, more times than not. 


Manipulative Skills (Eye hand coordination, Implementation of Equipment and Strength): Proper technique when implementing sports equipment with some control and efficiency. Learning more than one way how to strike with feet and hands towards a target and hit that target with accuracy and consistency. 


Social Skills: An emphasis on the importance of healthy living and active lifestyle that promotes cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship. Children gain a new sense of independence as they interact with coaches and peers; caregivers are expected not to participate at all.


Emotional Skills: Through positive reinforcement and understanding of what is expected of them children gain self-assurance in their abilities and skills. Children are also encouraged to self-express and develop their unique self-autonomy. 


Cognitive Skills: Ability to answer questions asked by coaches and quickly understand instructions. Communication skills are sharpened through team play aspects and drills.

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