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Training Tots (2’s)

Training Tots (2’s)

In a more structured manner and mostly on their own, class is focused on activities that require a growing attention span, concentration and the ability to share and learn from others.


Key indicators 

Locomotive Skills (Agility, Flexibility, Stamina and Speed): easily walking and running with stability on/over props. Developing fundamental skills in hopping, skipping and tumbling (expected to attempt on their own with coach spotting). 


Stability Skills (Balance, Rotation and Landing): Attempting to balance (static and dynamic) on gym probs, rotation of body front / back roll with some assistance. Attempting to land on feet after different types of rotation. 


Manipulative Skills (Eye Hand Coordination, Implementation of Equipment and Strength): Basic introduction to the different types of sports equipment and how to implement them with some but not full control. Training Tots learn with assistance and gradually on their own how to strike with feet and hands. 


Social Skills: An encouraging environment that motivates children to learn how to share, stand on line and learn the fundamentals of teamwork as they separate slowly (not fully) from caregiver. 


Emotional Skills: Build a sense of independence by exploring and playing on their own and with others.


Cognitive Skills: Developing listening and communication skills and a growing comprehension and ability to follow simple directions that are put into practice.

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