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Art for Littles

Art for Littles

Art for Littles is a creative arts program that combines different forms of artistic mediums, for ages 18 months - 7 years old. The program is an introduction to the concepts of colors, technical artistic concepts, art exploration, tactile and creativity. May it be paint, toilet paper tubes, clay or fabric, this program will help kids use their imagination and articulate their ideas. 


By providing age appropriate art exploration, children will learn and maturate developmentally appropriate skills, such as eye-hand coordination, problem solving skills or perspective, all while encouraging their creative thinking. We believe that art making is an essential component of the human experience. Our goal is to nurture and inspire as well as develop independent thinking.

Most classes are 1 hour long and are divided by age groups. The structure of the classes is always the same to create consistency, we start with a warm-up activity, reading of a story, looking at source material or singing a song (depending on age) and then the main art project. Each class talks about renewable materials for art and respect for clean-up. 

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