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All Stars (6’s and 7’s)

All Stars (6’s and 7’s)

In a nurturing environment there is a focus on more challenging gross and fine motor skills through sports drills and game scenarios. Children are encouraged to explore and find the sports they prefer so they can get prepared for group / competitive sports. All Stars are expected to show self-growth by displaying sportsmanship, positive attitude and contributing positively to class.


Key indicators 

Locomotive Skills (Agility, Flexibility, Stamina and Speed): Learning the proper techniques and mechanics of running, dodging, hopping, skipping and tumbling and implementing it into fun-play, game scenarios and sports activities. There is an emphasis on building up stamina, strength and speed.


Stability Skills (Balance, Rotation and Landing): Balancing, climbing and hanging (static and dynamic) on gym props for longer durations in more challenging positions on their own with spotter. Rotation of body front / back rolling, flipping and twisting with spotter but mostly on their own from different heights. Children can land on feet after different types of rotation and balance activities. 


Manipulative Skills (Eye hand coordination, Implementation of Equipment and Strength): Proper technique when implementing sports equipment with control and efficiency. Learning more than one way how to strike with feet and hands towards a target, and hit that target with consistency and accuracy. Learning different sports plays and passing drills.


Social Skills: Building character that puts sportsmanship and teamwork above all else. Children learn anti-bullying techniques and encouragement of others while incorporating everyone into the game.


Emotional Skills: Through hard work and effort children learn the joys of self-achievement and team camaraderie. Children are also encouraged to communicate their feelings to coaches and teammates while they display self-discipline and patience. 


Cognitive Skills: Game and activities become more complex; All Stars develop longer attention spans and are able to follow more intricate instructions. There is an emphasis on a growing understanding of timing, body and space awareness. 

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