Sports for Littles

The FunFit Multi-Sport Program focuses on skill-development in soccer, basketball, softball/baseball, tennis, golf, volleyball, floor hockey, lacrosse and FunFitness (track & field and gymnastics skills). The program allows for the participants to gain full development according to their skill phase in each sport by means of the 3 R’s - Rehearse, Repeat, Refine. Children practice and develop their sports skills through specific drills, specialized FunFit activities, game scenarios and fun play.


All FunFit programs are carefully designed to be safe, age and level appropriate and utilizes specialized equipment. Classes vary from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on age groups. The FunFIt multi-sports program alternates sports roughly every two weeks so kids get a chance to try out new sports but still have enough time to refine their skills.

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