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COVID19 Safety Guidelines & Policies

The safety and well being of our participants and staff is always the number one priority at FunFit Kids. We are constantly monitoring CDC, State and City guidelines and implementing recommendations into our safety plans. Beyond the Bell will run under the following rules.



  1. Health Checks: At the start of each day/program, all employees and participants will have a temperature check and will not be allowed to participate if they have a fever or any symptoms of General Illness. Employees or participants must stay home if they are sick.

  2. Group Size: Dependent on activity, enrollment will be limited to a certain number of participants. Those participants will only interact with others enrolled in the same activity. Participants must arrive to FunFit Kids 5 minutes prior to class starting to allow for proper check in and leave promptly after their class or program ends. 

  3. Multiple Cleaning Breaks: We will be spacing out programs each day to include cleaning sessions and we will take breaks for students to wash their hands at various intervals.

  4. Equipment: All equipment will be cleaned before and after use. There is absolutely no sharing of equipment allowed. We will be steam cleaning the entire space including all mats, sports equipment and bathrooms on a daily basis.

  5. No Parents/Guests In the Building: To limit the number of people in the building, dependent on age/class, parents will only be allowed to drop off and pick up their children and there will be no guests allowed. Pick-Up and Drop Off will be done at the front of the building using our multiple sets of doors. If you are attending an Adult and Me class, or open play, we ask that only 1 adult per child attend the program. In this case, adults temperatures will also be checked upon arrival. 

  6. Safety Masks: All employees will wear masks during the program. It is recommended that participants (children) wear masks and maintain distance from each other when possible. Any adult attending an Adult and Me class or open play must wear a mask at all times. Masks are not recommended for anyone who has trouble breathing or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

  7. Water/Food: All water fountains will be off limits and participants must bring their own water. For safety, FunFit Kids will not provide a lunch option. For our Beyond the Bell program, participants must bring their lunch with them upon arrival and it should be marked clearly in a bag with the participant's name. 

  8. Social Distancing: All people in the building must follow the rules for social distancing to the extent most possible. We will provide hand sanitizer but also recommend participants bring their own bottle for personal use.

  9. Reporting and Tracing: If a staff member or participant tests positive for COVID-19 we ask that they inform us immediately. From there, we will inform everyone that they have been in contact with and ask that they stay away from FunFit Kids until they get a COVID-19 test, or are properly quarantined for 2 weeks. 

While the above is specific and written by FunFit Kids, we also advise you read through the following resources on which we based these policies.

NYS Guidelines

NYC Resources

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