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2Lingo Hebrew & Mandarin

Multi-Sport Classes @ FunFit Kids

General Description:  A custom-tailored program for Schechter Manhattan families that cater to K's through 2nd-grade children created by the FunFit Team in collaboration with Schechter Manhattan moms. FunFit Kids is a 3000 square foot play space with tons of age-appropriate equipment and experienced staff that specialize in a variety of programming but mainly focus on multi-sports. The program will offer 2 classes according to language preference; Hebrew or Mandarin that will be run in parallel at the same time.

Program Description: The 2Lingo FunFit Hebrew / Mandarin multi-sport classes focuses on experiential methods of sports instruction while learning or reinforcing the basics of a new language. Children will learn skills in 8 core sports while coaches engage them in language skills according to the group's comprehension. Instead of children writing a new letter they will run to it or instead of drawing a line to that letter in a book they will accurately throw a ball at it. Through this program children will learn letters, common words in a variety of categories, plurals, basic language rules, and phrases. As well, the program allows for the participants to gain full development according to their skill phase in each sport and language by means of correct repetition and practice. Children practice and refine their sports skills and language through specific drills, specialized FunFit activities, game scenarios, visual aids, and fun play.

Dates and Times:  January 31- March 13, 1:20 - 3:15 PM and March 20 - June 19, 3:20-5:15 PM

                                    No Classes on April 10, 17 and May 29


2-hour Program Breakdown: Pick up K's from Schecter at 1:20 PM wait at school till 1:40 PM for 1's and 2nd graders, roughly 1:45 walkover, arrive at FunFit at 2:00. From 2:00-2:55 class time, 2:55-3:15 open play and pick up at 3:15 PM


Ratio: 1 instructor for 8 kids - We must have at least 8 kids to run the program

(Danny Kron founder and native Hebrew speaker will lead Hebrew class and Mandarin instructor TBD)


Location: FunFit Kids - 550 West 110th Street off the 1 train (corner of Broadway and 110th)

Cost: $540 (includes snacks)

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